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The Link Between Tradition and Modernity

Globalagri is here to transform the agro world. We are building the future of farming by designing our products for producers, growers, consumers, suppliers and all involved in supply chain of the agriculture industry. Gloabal Agri delivers what you need with quantity and accuracy.

Gloablagri is a mobile application aiming to improve the agro world.


Developing Innovative Strategies




Finance Chart


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Online Browsing


We offer farmers a platform where they can connect with other farmers, suppliers and consumers. I provides a social media for agriculture ecosystem where farmers can stay updated about farming strategies from there peer farmers, farmers can create alerts for sharing resources among each other. FFU for farmers has endless possibilities.

Checking the Crops

Plant Disease Detection

Producer can take their production yields to a new level with our technology by keeping their plants healthy through image recognition technology for disease detection and providing complete details of your plant’s health. Additionally, it offers guidance to improve your pest management decision more accurately and setup your managing tools for all sorts of variables like weather change, genetics and more.

Digital Nomad


We offer digital onboarding that leverages the availability of digital tools and technology for farmers to mitigate the challenges faced by them and the value chain stakeholders and their interaction through the agricultural cycle.

Package Delivery


We believes that supply chain in the field of agriculture should work more efficiently for benefits of all chain partners and planet earth. In our view no party is capable of making high quality and sustainable products on its own, so we need to improve the collaboration between companies both horizontally and vertically in the chain to deliver enormous benefits and a win win situation for all involved. We deliver traceability, trading, alerts, auditing, monitoring and business intelligence along with the supply chain.


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Sindhu Bhaskar

Chairman & Founder, EST Group


“Fundamental change & radical transformation can be achieved

through the fintech revolution and digital evolution.”


Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar is the Co-Chairman and CEO of EST Global Inc., which is an enterprise based in the Boston Cambridge MIT eco system, Cambridge Innovation Center, Cambridge, USA. Dr Sindhu has worked his career to global leadership in transforming the financial ecosystem through digital evolution, fintech revolution, and financial inclusion.


All lives have reverential value and those providing for the growth of such lives will impact the functionality of enterprises in this endeavor. Financial inclusion is key to sustenance and sustainability in any venture. It is this vision that sets the streamlining and augmenting the socio-economic enterprise to enable the viability and profitability to shareholders and stakeholders in the value chain. EST Global Inc. is an impact platform, and so, it does not have a pure business or profit-centric model philosophy. This initiative is Dr. Sindhu’s mission, and he is still exceptionally motivated to grow this business. He progresses with the business ethic of devoting everything he can to his business, which he prefers to call his passion, as he believes that his supervision will lead to the flawless development of his platform.


He is now leading an initiative to impact most of the world’s population in the rural and farming sector, with an initial beginning in India where two-thirds of India’s population needs intervention. EST Group comprises of several enterprises like EST Growmore in Uruguay and Canada, Fintech EST in Peru, BranchX in India, EST Fintech and World Trading League in Singapore, EST Digital Africa Lda, to name a few.


A clear vision of the platform, leading from the front, creating a dedicated team of techies, international speakership, and acting as the model and the brand ambassador for the platform coalesce to form Dr. Sindhu’s strengths. With 3 decades of niche experience, Dr. Sindhu is a firm believer in Innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Dr. Sindhu is a thought leader in the banking and financial services sector.  He is leading a global initiative to enable a program that is a unified, secure, sovereign banking solution that is seamless and enables financial freedom. EST Group is firmly set towards the goal of borderless banking, a banking ecosystem that transcends the boundaries of currency exchange, and roadblocks like identity verification and re-verification. This vision is possible by unleashing emerging technology's potential, understanding countries' problems, investing in alliances and partners to complement the ecosystem.  He has forged governmental relations which expands his ecosystem and gets involved in meaningful development agenda to work towards a new Development & Growth Theory,


He is a global speaker at various technology forums and platforms. He has also authored several books on banking including anthology of English poems. He has been a visiting faculty at different management institutes and banking events and holds fintech certifications from Oxford University and MIT.


Successfully pacing in his professional journey, Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar continues to work hard with the mantra, “There is no shortcut to success. A durable success comes with a clear vision, honest effort, and constant action.” He also advocates showing gratitude to our parents and respecting nature. “That can be the only durable legacy which we can leave behind.”


This is an amazing App. I love the App, its a boon to farmers and one stop solution for agricultrists.

Project Manager

Dora Bridges

Local Market Scheme in the Tribal Areas of Jharkand

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Arun Pandey

Chairman & MD, Rhiti Group


 "Humility will open more doors than arrogance ever will."


These words resonate with the happenings in the life of visionary entrepreneur Arun Pandey, Chairman & MD of Rhiti Group. An avid sportsman, a visionary, Pandey is a man of substance who has risen to where he stands, without much pomp and show!


A graduate of Banaras Hindu University and a former Ranji level cricketer, Pandey is connected to sports in the soul. It is this bonding and zeal to make sports and entertainment an indispensable part of daily lives that led to the setting of his venture Rhiti Group, an integrated sports and entertainment conglomerate in 2007.

Pandey’s contributory travails in image consultation and brand management services has revolutionised the face of sports and celebrity management in India. It is his 'Midas touch' which has made not only MS Dhoni an iconic global brand, but also other sportsmen such as Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Pragyan Ojha, Ankush Bains, Virat Singh, Himanshu Rana and KL Rahul into 'brands'. Pandey's journey is inter-twined with the journey of Rhiti Sports and with each milestone achieved, it was both, a professional as well as a personal victory for Pandey.


If a poor boy cannot come to sports, then sports must go to him,' is the mantra of Arun Pandey.

A man who understood the power of motivation through sports in impressionable young minds, Pandey developed the biopic MS Dhoni: The Untold Story on the inspirational journey of cricket’s living legend MS Dhoni and made a star of Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput.  The film was a blockbuster success and declared tax-free in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand and Maharashtra and received the widest release for a Bollywood film receiving a day-and-date release both in India and internationally in a total of 61 countries across approximately 4,500 screens worldwide on the week ending 2 October 2016.


Not merely a sports management firm, Rhiti Group also focuses on giving back to the society through its charitable foundation set up in 2010. The foundation identifies and supports young athletes, provides scholarships and organises tournaments in cities with limited exposure such as Varanasi, Ranchi, Gorakhpur, Noida, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Allahabad, Lucknow and Dehradun. Further, the company is also associated with The Winning Ways™ Charitable Foundation. The company has successfully promoted hockey and football also in the country. In entirety, it might be rightly said that Arun Pandey has never denied himself any chance to serve!


For a man who has revolutionised the business of sports management in India, Pandey’s demeanour is simple and unassuming with a laser sharp focus. Working sedulously, he is known to deliver way beyond what is expected of him it is perhaps this attitude which has taken him from one milestone to another.


Lyrics of the song Besabriyaan  from the movie based on the struggles and achievements of his dear friend and legendary cricketer, MS Dhoni motivate him as he continues his journey forward to spread the message of sports and fitness to all corners of the country.


“Kya ye ujaale, kya ye andhere, Dono se aage hai manzar tere

Kyun roshni tu baahar talaashe, Teri mashaale hain ander tere'

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